V2 Helicopters

From booking through to pre flight questions, the flight itself and even post flight the service from V2 Helicopters (pronounced V squared) is flawless!

Having found the experience on sale through Red Balloon it was time to book and wait for the big day to arrive!

I received a phone call the day before the flight from my pilot Brett to confirm my flight details and give me directions on where to find the hangar.

Arriving on the day I looked out for the red carpet and neon lights, found a parking spot and strutted my stuff down the red carpet into the waiting area!

After meeting the pilot and my fellow joyriders it was time to get acquainted with our chopper! And a very sleek one she was too.

Before heading up there’s an opportunity to get some happy snaps in front of the chopper and of course to have the all important safety briefing.

Can you tell I was just a little bit excited about being seated in the front row next to our pilot?!

Once you’re up the flight lasts for about 15-20 minutes. I opted for the Brisbane city flight on this occasion and the views really do speak for themselves!

During flight our pilot Brett was full of fun facts about Brisbane and pointed out things you may not notice when you’re on the ground. Did you know that despite its small CBD Brisbane has the second largest urban sprawl in the Southern Hemisphere?!

In the air I was cool, calm and collected and was so busy looking at the sights and taking photos that I forgot my excitement.

Back down on the ground I had to stop myself from saying OMG too much. Flying in helicopters may just be my new favourite activity and I can’t wait to get up again.

You really could see the river twisting, Brisbane’s multiple bridges and that endless urban sprawl!

V2 also operate flights over Moreton Bay, Mt Coot-tha and can even do private flights! As long as you can get approval to land you’re good to go. Book a chopper through V2 for your next big event. You won’t regret it!

I should probably mention the feeling of flight itself! The helicopter was so smooth and I barely even noticed leaving the ground and landing at the end. There were absolutely no bumps. Even though we had perfect weather our pilot told us if you get worse conditions choppers don’t usually feel many bumps!

How cool are helicopters?! Book your flight today!

For a different sort of thrill in Brisbane check out this blog on Convoy for Kids. https://dinelivetravel.com/2018/11/06/brisbane-convoy-for-kids/

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