The Pinnacles

A 3 hour drive north of Perth will see you arriving at the Pinnacles desert. Located in Nambung National Park the entry fee is $13 per car, keep in mind that this $13 per vehicle gives you access to all national parks in WA that day.

Believed to be formed 25,000 – 30,000 years ago it is thought the Pinnacles were first discovered 6,000 years ago by aboriginals. They may have been covered again since as the sand dunes moved.

Some of the Pinnacles stand to 5 metres tall! When you visit it is hard to believe that you are just 15 minutes away from the ocean. In fact Dutch sailors mistook the Pinnacles for the ruins of an ancient city.

Once you have entered the Pinnacles and paid your entry fee there is a 4km loop which you can either drive or walk. We opted to drive and stop to take plenty of photos while enjoying the expanse of the desert.

You’ll want to allow one to two hours to take in the Pinnacles and explore the discovery centre giving you more information about how the Pinnacles were formed and uncovered.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in guessing what some of the Pinnacles look like! This one below could make a good castle.

Once you’ve had your dose of the Pinnacles a stop at nearby Jurien Bay for lunch is highly recommended. Just north of Cervantes where the Pinnacles are located you’ll find Jurien Bay to be a peaceful seaside town.

Of course the day doesn’t end there! We also visited Lake Thetis. The edge of Lake Thetis is surrounded by many curious rock like formations. These are no ordinary rocks! The rock formations were built by tiny micro organisms far too small for the human eye to see.

There is an easy 1.5km loop walk around Lake Thetis giving you the opportunity to observe these rock formations and learn about the communities living on them.

We still had one final stop for the day! About an hour north of Perth Yanchep National Park is the perfect spot to break up a road trip and see plenty of native wildlife.

Yes, we got to see koalas in their natural habitat!

I’m sure the Pinnacles will amaze you as much as they did me!

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